Sunset on the mound.

I was out in the garden on Monday evening and noted how marvelous the evening sunset was, a little too overcast but nevertheless mother nature had put on a good show. Although I missed it with my camera I thought I’d have go the next evening.

Within a few minutes walking distant from our house there’s a rather large hill over looking the town  I thought would be an ideal spot to get up high and away from the roof tops. I packed up my gear into my trusty pack, which comprised of my Canon 450d DSLR, my Fuji 5800 bridge camera, 18-55mm and 75-300mm lens (although i probably wouldn’t be needing the telephoto), both tripods (not forgetting the head this time!) my polariser filters and finally my remote shutter cable.

The sun was due to set around 8:55pm but in my excitement I was up there a little too early  so I had a wander round first. I had the whole place to myself but the wind was biting up there and was glad I’d packed my gloves and hat. I set up both tripods and waited for the magic to unfold.

So…here’s my first ever sunset shot with my Canon.

First sunset shot

I know pointing the lens directly at sun probably isn’t the best idea and something I won’t be doing on a regular basis, but I had to do it just this once!

Here’s the next one taken a few minutes afterwards. It was great to visually see the sun dipping down behind the horizon.

IMG_2362_1 (Large)

I quite like the next one, it’s a bit flat but looks good as a 16:9 desktop wallpaper on our HTPC/TV.

IMG_2344 (Large)

There wasn’t much in the way of trees or bushes up on the hill to create interesting sillouettes. I did try a few with whatever I could find but the wind was so strong the results were just too blurred. Here’s about the best one.

IMG_2389 (Large)

The sun’s almost down now

IMG_2367 (Large)

It  really was starting to get very cold up there now that the sun had set, the biting wind was really starting to freeze my hands. Next time, I’ll bring a flask of hot coffee with me!!

IMG_2398_2 (Large)

I’d been up there for about an hour and a half and Curtie called me on my phone to see if i was o.k. and did I want picking up in the car. She was watching me from the front garden using our binoculars and could see me waving my tripod about fighting against the wind to put it back inside the carry case.

Back down from the hill and out of the wind, I could start to feel my fingers again. I can’t wait to try this again, maybe when there’s a little more cloud about.

Here’s a couple for my picture archive.  The first was taking a few years ago by Curstie  early one morning in  November from our back door step.


..and finally this was taking by me last August with my Fuji 5800. I’d been reading an article on HDR photography and wanted to try it out. I took a bracketed photo at 1/3 increments and merged with Photomatix

Sunset HDR(Large)


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