Saturday jobs

The weather man/desktop widget forecasts rain tomorrow so I thought I’d tackle a few jobs around the garden just in case it’s gets too wet tomorrow.

First up, I needed to divide the the remaining water lillies in the pond. I did the others a few weeks ago but I’d ran out of Aquatic Compost until now. From this one plant I’ve managed to split it into 8 smaller plants. Two fairly sizable tubers went back in the pond, one went in the wooden barrel pond and the rest I’ll be giving to my dad, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for their own respective ponds.

The video tutorial below is from BBC Gardenersworld- I would love a pond similar in size to this…maybe one day !!
The pond pumps were also in need of a good cleaning but instead of my usual routine, I’d thought I’d really go to town and ‘field’ strip each pump and give everything a thorough clean.  I also disconnected all connecting pipes from pump to the filter box and blasted them with the jet wash. Lastly, I emptied and cleaned the filter boxes and replaced the UV lamps with new ones.

With the pond maintenance done, the next job was to remove a plain ‘non discript’ tree that just so happens to be in the wrong place. It’s not very large and was easily removed with my pruning saw  The roots were a little more tricky but I think I’ve managed to get the majority out.

I’m planning to install a wooden arch in it’s place and a new path leading onto the lawn. Maybe something along the lines of these two which I can plant either Clematis or climbing Rose against it.



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    Ben Shephard said,

    I did the same last year and cut my Apple tree down and put an arch in it’s place. Mine wasn’t quiet the fancy wooden affair as in your pics but a home made one made from old steel enforcing bars welded together. It looks a bit weedy with no plants around it but I’ve put a few bits either side and once they get established the idea is you won’t see the steel arch leaving the plants to be the main attraction. two years or so and it should look stunning.

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