Gunnera aka ‘Giganticus ugliest’.

Despite it’s name, this is one of our favorite plants. It’s so huge and ugly you can’t but help love it.  Ours grows next to the pond were the water and sunlight reflects patterns on to it’s massive leaves. It also helps to provide a little shade in the summer months as our pond is south facing and gets full sun nearly all day.

The leaves are just starting to unfold,  I think the widest leaf I’ve had is about a meter across.


Despite it’s size, it has never gotten out of control. Lopping of the occasional rogue leaf doesn’t appear to hurt it either.

Here’s a photo we took of a very mature plant, taken at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh last July.


and for scale !


Over the years, small off shot plants have formed and each year various family members pop round to take one home . I’m not suprised, I saw a little pot bound one for sale at the garden centre at £69.00 !!


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