Busy Sunday afternoon in the Garden

After the gentle start to this morning, we thought we’d spend the afternoon in the garden. The weather didn’t look too promising earlier but after lunch, not a cloud in sight- perfect gardening weather, not to cold, not to warm.

We planted rows of carrots, red/white onion sets, beetroot and radish in the veggie beds and I was tempted to plant out the peas, beans, courgettes and sweetcorn but I think I’ll delay this a little bit longer until the likelihood of frost is gone.

I’ve also potted on most of the Tomatoes as they were starting to get a little to big for the seed trays.  I seem to have a bit of a glut though so I’ll be passing some on to parents, in-laws and friends.

Both ‘Money Makers’ and ‘Roma’ varieties are coming along quite nicely.


img_2248-largeTomatoes, Cucumbers and Courgettes

img_2247-largeRunner beans I sowed a few weeks ago.

img_2249-largeTime for a soak, it was 30c in the Greenhouse – going to have to watch this in Summer!

I was running low on compost, so a quick trip out was needed. I’m a sucker for  store special offers –  I came home with x30 more 5″ pots, x3 2ft planters, canes, tie-wraps, two more solar ‘rock’ lights for the pond & x50 mixed summer bulbs!

In the pack of bulb, my favorite has to be the Acidentra. I’ve but a few of these around the back edge of the pond where I’m hoping they compliment the dark  shades of green foliage.


Next up are Freesias which I love to photograph (see Mar 22nd post). White, purple, blues and yellows are my favourite so I’m hoping this mixed bag contains plenty of each. freesia

The rest of the pack contained Gladiolus, mixed Anemone and Dahlias (Park Princess) which I’ll dot around the garden successively over the next few weeks for late summer colour.


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