Easter Sunday morning stroll.

After an early breakfast we decided to visit Rufford Abbey Country Park, one of our favorite local parks.

Rufford is located 17 miles north of Nottingham and once formed part of a 12th century Cistercian abbey and its estate. After the dissolution of the monasteries in 1536, the land and buildings began a slow transformation into a country house estate, owned first by the Talbot and later the Savile families

After a long history, the estate was officially designated a country park by the Nottingham County Council in 1956.



The open air baths were converted into an Orangery around 1889. The roof lines are still visible on the walls.


I don’t know what these are but they smelled fantastic, the bee’s were certainly having a good time.


The formal gardens contained many sculptures using a variety of materials.


We continued our walk through the woods and along side the lakes watching the birds and squirrels dart about. It was so peaceful at this time of morning.


At the opposite side of the estate sits the Lake Side Garden shop and Tea room. We browsed the various plants on sale and grabbed a much needed coffee.

A crowd of children and parents had gathered close to one of the small roads that intersect the estate. The children were cheering and occasionally booing at the cars passed by.

Here’s why!



We worked our way back to the Abbey along the central path called Broad Ride, stopping on the way to look at the one the estates Ice Houses – a forerunner to the domestic fridge which was introduced into Britain around the 1660s. We rejoined Queen Mother’s walk, admiring the topiary and headed for the Abbey ruins.


I couldn’t stop thinking that this would be a great place to set up a home theatre system!



We look forward to visiting Rufford again later in the summer but for now it was time to go home…we so ready for lunch!



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