Busy Easter weekend ahead…hope it’s dry!

The weather forecast isn’t looking promising for the Easter weekend, let’s hope the weatherman/desktop gadget is wrong!  If it’s not to wet, we’re hoping to get out into the Derbyshire Dales.

Here’s my job list –

  • Plant out the onion sets, spring onions, second early  potatoes, snap peas, various salad leaves, radish, leeks, cauliflower, carrots (main crop).
  • Continue sowing  indoors – sweetcorn, runner and french beans, peppers, tomatoes, chillies as  a variety of herbs. So far, the crops/flowers I sowed inside two weeks ago are looking fantastic.
  • Lift and divide the water Lillie’s in the pond as some of them are outgrowing their pots.
  • Plant out the various summer bulbs I brought last week.
  • Set out the canes for the climbing veg.
  • Usual bit of weeding and tidying up around the garden.
  • Finish off tidying the garage…i still haven’t sorted it since erecting the new storage racking.
  • Visit my Brother and family as my nephew celebrates his first birthday
  • Finish off a little bit of work, at work, although I  can do most of it at home via VPN connection.
  • Finish off building the HTPC – Curstie wants to get her mitts on it therefore we might have a test run this evening:-)
  • Visit Derbyshire (thinking Monsal Dale)
  • Eat lots of Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs!

The Internet is awash with news that Microsoft might be releasing a release candidate of Windows 7 on 10th April, I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out.


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