Is summer here?

It was such a nice day today I decided to do a few jobs outside rather than working indoors on the HTPC.

First on today’s list was to put netting over the veggie beds because ours and probably the whole neighbourhoods cats appear to be using them as toilets. Thankfully I don’t have anything growing in them yet.

My original idea was to make a wooden framework but Curstie suggested inserting a few stakes into each corner, drape the netting over them and secure the net to the ground.  I was a bit skeptical at first but her idea seemed the easiest, simplest, quickest !!

Out with the electric saw to hack up an old wire mess gate we never used to give me enough wooden stakes for all three beds. I secured the netting to the ground using pegs left over from the plastic greenhouse fatality.



I think these should do, but I’ll check them over the next few days to see how they fair.

The first batch of  Strawberries are ready for planting on.


My Olive tree seems to be doing o.k. too.


Next year, I’m going to set more of these, they’re fantastic.


The pond fish seem to be enjoying the sun too.



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