One man went to mow….

After a particularly long day at work, I thought I’d give the lawn it’s first cut of the year. I love to mow, it’s relaxing and I can reflect on the days events. Usually my first cut is a bit of a battle, but with a little preparation i.e. cleaning, oiling  and sharpening the blades after the final cut in Autumn, it’s no chore. – The perfect pick-me-up I needed.

Yesterday evening I cleaned the pond pumps and filtration boxes. I have two of each, one being my main Blagdon pump that connects to a Green Genie filtration box and the second a Small Hozelock pump/Bio-filter box given to me by my dad which is used for the small waterfall and fountain. I usually run these all through winter, albeit switching off the fountain and have read many pros and cons for doing so. To date I haven’t experienced any issues with leaving them running, not to the equipment or to the fish. Having the water moving slightly also stops the pond from freezing over in winter.

One thing I don’t do is lift pumps out for cleaning during the winter, so as not to disturb the fish, but wait until spring to start the cleaning cycle whenever it’s required. Usually the larger one can go for months without any cleaning but the smaller one tends to get clogged every few weeks.

Whilst cleaning the smaller pump, I spotted a switch on the side  I’d not noticed before. It was difficult to read the symbol embossed onto the plastic so, curiosity getting the better of me, I pressed it. Nothing spectacular happened so I thought nothing of it and assembled the pump, placed it back in the pond and switched it on….whoosh. It now transpires that the switch must have been a power setting and for all these years I’ve had it switched on half power.  On full power I now have my very own Niagara Falls localised in my back garden !!

Not the best of days, but a certainly a nice end to it.


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