Polarizer Filter problem.

Hmm..something doesn’t seem right with my new CPL filter. When fitted, everything seems o.k. until between 250-300mm range where I start to encounter problems with focusing. Manual focus is  slightly off and auto focus just whirls around searching until finally giving up and displayed an error on my camera’s LCD – Something about having problems communicating with the lens. I refitted the lens just to be sure everything was o.k. without the filter (which is was) but still no luck when trying to focus with the filter attached.

I researched a little via Google this evening and am I’m still none the wiser. The amount of available light seems to crop up a bit and also the use of cheap filters. When testing on Saturday it was a very bright sunny day.

This evening I thought I’d fit the polarizer again and zoomed on a few items dotted around my study. The only light being from the ceiling lamp.  At full zoom (manual and autofocus) everything was perfectly tack sharp.  So, can bright light effect polarizer filters? I don’t seem to have this problem with the other polarizes I have.

Maybe because this one was a bit cheap it’s not very good? More research and testing I’m thinking!

I’ll try again in daylight and see what the results show.

The remote switch works a charm and is much better than using the shutter release or auto timer when tripod mounted – highly recommended!

I’ve still not had chance to play with the flash gun yet other than getting it out of the box and having a good look.



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    Peter said,

    Did you find out what went wrong with you polar filter?

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