I think we’re going to need more B.L.T’s

A beautiful Spring day today and a day for many visitors. First to arrive was my drill…sorry my dad. He whipped out a huge drill bit and with a wicked smile went off  to secure the the greenhouse to the ground…or maybe to drill for oil!  Suffice to say, with the amount of  pegs, bolts and screws he used, I really don’t think it’s going to blow away now.

Second (and third) visitors today were Curstie’s Mum and Auntie who offered to give the garden a spring clean in exchange for our legendary B.L.T torpedoes. These two are seasoned pros and with flash of  trowel and spade they soon got things whipped into shape.

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth visitors were my older brother Dave, his wife Cath and daughter Katie. Katie has been having problems with her the laptop and brought it round for me to have a look at. Specifically she’s having problems with the internal wifi card. I’ll take a look and if all else fails I have a spare USB wifi dongle she can have.  They also dropped off a couple of birthday presents for me. One was a Blueberry tree, my favorite fruit and one was an Olive tree, my favorite side order!

In between catching up with family, having lots of brews and those amazing  BLT’s, I managed to get stuck into a few jobs.

I’ve lifted and re-sited the paving slabs so they lead to the greenhouse door now and whilst weeding behind the garage I found a huge plastic pot I can use as a makeshift waterbutt.I just need to attach the greenhouse downpipes now.

Water butt

I also managed to erect the garage racking, I just need to decide where to put them now. Maybe I’ll line them all together against the back wall?


All in all, a great day in the garden 🙂

Cherry Blossom


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