Garage shelves and new toys arrive.

About a week ago I met with Graham, one of our IT contractors,  during a site visit to discuss a new project I’m involved with at work. We got chatting and he mentioned he’d acquired lots of metal storage racking from a previous contract who was having a clear out and didn’t need them anymore. He asked if I wanted some because he’d been given so much he was struggling to store all of it in his workshop.

Yesterday, Graham delivered the racking and we transfered it to my car. We managed to get it all in with about an inch to spare – no sharp braking on the way home!

On to this afternoon, I unloaded everything into the garage and set about rebuilding them. They’re about 7ft high by about 3ft wide and have five wooden chipboard shelves each. I’ve built two and will finish the remaining three tomorrow. Now I can really get the garage in order.

….oops nearly forgot the post title…My camera toys arrived this morning! Well two out of three anyway. The third was a ‘failed delivery’ due to the size of the box according to the note dropped in the letterbox. I would have missed it if it wasn’t for  vacuuming near the front door.

It was 11:45am and the post office shuts at noon (and is closed until Monday) …vroom up the driveway, vroom back down the driveway – I wasn’t wearing any trousers! Vroom back up the driveway and off to the post office. Despite fighting for a parking space I made it with a minute to spare.

I’ve not had much time to have a good play but I did fit the Polorizer and had a quick go with the remote shutter cable. Hopefully, I’ll have time tomorrow to have a good look at the flash gun and shoot a few pictures.


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