An afternoon pottering

Although there’s been showers all afternoon, which seemed to falling on queue every five minutes, I spent a few hours warm and dry inside the greenhouse sowing seeds into trays and pots. At times the rain was very heavy put it’s good to know that there’s no leaks.

So far I’ve planted –

Three varieties of Tomatoes – Money Maker,  Sweet Million and Roma (for cooking sauces).

Courgettes – Black Beauty

Two varieties of Cucumber – Telepathy F1 and Socrates F1

Sweetcorn – Sweet Bounty F1

Peppers – Sweet Reds

Runner Beans – Enorma

Sunflowers (I’m in a competition with Curstie’s mum to grow the largest)


French Marigolds (hopefully to keep the whitefly out of the greenhouse)


Sweet Peas

There’s many more to follow but I’m running short on compost.  I’ve brought all of the trays inside and covered with the propagator lids I brought a few weeks back and put them on a tables window sills.

Curstie’s Mum and Auntie are coming round tomorrow to help give the garden a spring clean whilst I carry on with the veggie patch. My father’s also popping round with his drill to help secure the greenhouse to the ground – There’s something quite not right with my own drill 😦
Hoping the weather is a bit better!


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