Signs of change.

Walking around the garden these past few evenings I can see spots of colour emerging against the usual drab of winter – which is one thing I need to think about for next year !

The mild weather we’ve been having of late seems to be kick starting some of the pond plants too.

water-harnthorn-largeWater Hawthorn


Caltha Palustris ‘Alba’

More spring bulbs, which I can’t remember what they’re called, are starting to appear en mass under the conifer trees. I don’t think they’re bluebells ???



..and of course, my favorite tree is starting to blossom


Monday was a very windy day and I was concerned about the new greenhouse  not being fixed the the ground yet. When I arrived home from work  the first thing I did was to go and have a peek.  It looked like the wind had moved it about a foot backwards as it was parttially sitting on the gravel path. This weekend I’ll defiantly be fixing it in place !

I really thought is was quite sheltered around the back of the garage…if this keeps up I’ll have to plant the peas, beans and sweetcorn in concrete 🙂

Adding to my list of to-do’s, I need to construct the framework for the netting to sit over and around the raised beds. I picked up the material last weekend but as Curstie spotted Mr Heron circling these past few early mornings, I might need to use the netting for the pond instead.


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