Greenhouse is finally built

A fantastic Spring day today and perfect weather to finish off the greenhouse. I’d tried to do a bit in the week during the hours after work but it dropped too dark before I could really get stuck in. After the initial teething problems last week, the remaining build went quite easily with the majority of parts being a perfect fit.

The glass for the door frame was a little tricky to fit however a little washing up liquid was just the trick to squeeze it in too place (I’ll picked up this trick from my dad years ago when trying to fit a new rear quarter glass on my old Vauxhall Viva)


Before long I had completed the framework, the front door and the roof window so next fitting the glass panels.  The majority fitted perfectly but all three back panels and one of the front panels were having none of it. Luckily Curstie arrived home from shopping and was able to lend a hand by squeezing the framework together whilst I popped in the glass and fitting strips. Next was the guttering and roof ends which were the easy parts finally attached the front door to the slide panels (with the help of some good ‘ol WD40.

I used some the the remains from the plastic greenhouse to make up two shelving units and attached the thermometer that Curstie’s Auntie had brought for me.

All that remained was to stand back, admire my handy work, nurse any wounds and drink a well earned cuppa (and a silent prayer that I wouldn’t find the whole thing blown away in the morning).


I still need to move the paving slabs so they lead to the front entrance and not to the side panel. The picture below illustrates the need for change! I have one more spare paving slab so hopefully with three I can make a larger arch.



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