Digital Photography Books

My Amazon book order arrived today.

dummies-guideI’m a big fan of the ”dummies’ series and was pleased to see that Wiley’s have created one for my Canon EOS 450d. In the past, I’ve found both my Photoshop CS3 and Lightwave2 Dummies books to be a fantastic reference. Granted, a generic DLSR camera book might be just as good but I find it’s so much easier to understand when written specifically about a particular model. My brother-in-law has a Nikon D40 so I might get him the Nikon equivalent the next  time I place an order.

The two below were  impulse buys based on me being a fan of the Photoshop IPTV show- for which the author co-hosts. I found that both books have mixed reviews on the Internet, but I really like the approach ‘ah ha – so that’s how to do it’, straight to the point, skip the techno jargon. Just having a quick flip through this evening shows that it to be interesting read. I especially like the section  on wedding photography which should come in handy this summer as a friend of mine is getting married and has asked if I could bring my camera kit as an extra to the official photographer.



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