Greenhouse WIP

I really did struggle to fit the remaining framework on the greenhouse. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why screw holes for ‘part A nd Z’ were miles apart. After rechecking the instructions I decided to quit (for the time being) as I really needed to offload all of the tree cuttings at the recycle centre and also nip to Wilkos for seeds/ trays etc before they closed.

I can’t believe how much bargain seed propagation equipment can be picked up at Wilkos for next to nothing. I brought 15 trays containing x24 compartments each, 15 gravel trays, 15 propagator lids, 15- 4″ pots and 15-10″ pots, seed packets (about 25), onion sets and a large compost bag for £30 🙂

On the way home I stopped by B&Q and noticed they had a demo model of my greenhouse on display so it was out the camera phone to whip off a few reference pictures for later.

Back home I thought I’d have another go at the greenhouse and after another half hour I was still non the wiser. The pictures I’d taken didn’t look anything like what I had. Roy, our retired neighbour, must have heard me muttering and popped round to see what all the fuss was about. Either that, or he was having a sneaking doze in the garden whilst Fran, his wife, wasn’t looking and I maybe I’d disturbed his ‘thinking’ time 🙂

There must be something about greenhouses, bonfires and sheds that draw the attention of all blokes – mainly wearing  chunky gardening jumpers, flat caps and pipes.  Last year I had a small bonfire and right on cue, my father, two brothers, a work friend and my brother-in-law all turned up at the same time!

About an hour in and almost to the point of quitting, Roy notices that parts A, B, * and @ were the wrong way round. What a muppet !! It’s just a shame that to swap the parts around I practically had to dismantle the whole greenhouse and try again.

By 6pm and light fading, I was almost at the same stage I was before starting this morning but happy that I can now continue….until the dreaded part J63!

Back to work tomorrow and hopefully there’s enough light when I get home to work on it a little more. Failing that, I’ll carry on again at the weekend.

Due to the different position of the door on the new greenhouse vs the plastic greenhouse, I’m going to have to move  three of the paving slabs/gravel so that they lead to the door and not to one of the side panels.  It’s a minor setback, but I want everything to look right.


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