Up, up and away, the greenhouse blows away :-(

A very windy day today and as you can probably guess from the post title, I’ve had  a little mishap!

I’d fixed the plastic greenhouse to the ground with the supplied tent pegs and had put bricks on the corners and sides. It seemed really secure even in the high wind…oh how wrong I was. Imagine the scene from The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy’s house flies through the air and then on to the ‘barn scene’ in Twister i.e. whoosh, snap..silence…….crash.

I couldn’t quite make out if it was the roof or the side I was looking at. Some of the medal rods had either snapped or bent and most of the plastic fixing brackets has snapped. Basically, as it is, it’s totally unrepairable. Curstie mumbled something about ‘Frank Spencer’ and sloped off back indoors.

The staging shelves seemed unhurt so I’m sure I can use these again. Maybe I can use some of the rods and a little of the mesh to build a makeshift poly tunnel?

About 10 mins later, Curstie called me in to show me something she’d spotted on the Internet, a sale on at B&Q and a 6ft by 4ft greenhouse.  Still giving me that  ‘oo betty’ look,  she said, as it was my birthday on Monday and the fact that I put so much work into the veggie plot, I have ‘permission’ :-), to go and buy one.

So…I rang round a few stores to see which had them in stock. My local store – nope, my not to far away store – nope, the next town – nope. Further afield I went, Nottingham, Derby and Lincoln all the same ‘Sorry, we’re all sold out, they’re going like hotcakes’.

Finally, I managed to find one at a store just north of Sheffield which is about a 70 mile round trip for me. Out with the PDA/Satnav and off I went.

Even though it’s aluminium framed and  probably fabricated in some far off sweat shop,  I just know a friend of mine living up in Sheff will probably be pleased I brought it from up norf. ‘Eee, a fine bit of Sheffield steel is that there me lad’.

So far, I’ve got the basic shell up with a little help from my parents who were visiting at the time. More on this tomorrow when I finish it off…I wonder what that rather interesting box my parents dropped off for my birthday is…



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