Dreaming of a chainsaw!

The sun was out in force the other day so I thought I’d take a break from the veggie patch and do a few pruning jobs I’d been putting off for a few days.

Firstly, I needed to remove an old Pear tree down at the bottom of the garden. Both of us don’t really care for Pears and the odd few I tried last year were as hard as rocks. Even when baked with Apple and Rhubarb they didn’t taste very nice. It’s also got rather large so it has to go.

My bonfire site is now the veggie patch so no chance of burning the branches.  I had to chop up each gnarled branch into little pieces and place them in bin bags so I could take them to the recycle centre. I have loppers, secateurs and a pruning saw…I was soooo dreaming of a chainsaw!

It’s amazing that such a large tree fitted into four bin bags – excluding some rather thick, large logs.

Next up is my favorite tree in the garden. I’m not sure what it is but it blossoms in April and is  covered in masses of little pink flowers. The leaves that follow are dark red/purple and it bears small cherry sized fruit. The man at Google says it’s a Prunus Cerasifera Pissardii.

Here’s a picture I took last April with my Fuji 5800.


I had to take down a sizable branch that was pulling the tree off balance and the rest was just a little short, back and sides.

Next up is one of two Wisteria’s that grow along the side of the garage. The one not in the picture died in 2007 as a result of me not finding out a little more about this fantastic plant and pruning it too heavily at the wr0ng time of year. A neighbouring clematis is using some of the dead wood for support so I had to be very careful.

Here’s a picture from last year showing the remaining healthy plant in flower.




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