Called on account of rain

Out early into the spring sunshine this morning  to do a little more work on the veggie patch. I digged out spaces for a couple of paving slabs I found behind the garage and bedded these in on the the entrance to the plot. I just need to level the odd bump, lay a little more membrane and finish off the gravelling. I might use any spare gravel left to create a small path behind the pond so I can get to the filtration boxes without stepping on plants.

The sunshine didn’t last long and after about two hours, the rain came. It was o.k for about 5 mins but then it really hurled it down so I packed up and retreated to the dryness of the garage.  In the hope that it was just a quick shower I thought I have a go at erecting the greenhouse in the garage. Suffice to say, it was a complete doddle and thankfully no ‘spare parts’ left over 🙂 It seems very stable  and is just about the right size (6ft x5 ft). Ground stakes were including in the box so I’m hoping with these, and the fact that it’s very  sheltered behind the garage, that I won’t find it at the other end of the garden one day.

I’d post a couple of pictures taken on my mobile phone but I’ve left the PC/USB cable at work 😦

It’s still very wet out there so I think I’ll pack up for this afternoon and relax with Curstie. I’m also hoping that rain isn’t forecast next weekend because I’ve booked Fri/Mon off work so I can get stuck in again – and Mon 16th is my Birthday:-)


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