Veggie patch update

I’ve had another enjoyable and productive afternoon outside on the Veggie patch today. I started by clearing the paths of large stones and flattening the soil as best I could and had a general tidy up.

A work friend of mine popped round this morning to see how I was getting on and dropped off a roll of spare weed membrane that he had left over from his own garden. We had a good ol chat and it was nice to catch up, especially as  Curstie’s sister was visiting too and had brought cake and cookies.

After clearing the paths and laying the membrane, I drove to Wickes to pickup the gravel. A total bargain at £1.65 per bag so I brought enough to load up my boot. I’m glad I could only fit seven bags in the boot as the weight didn’t half lower my rear suspension. I looked like a right proper lowrider !!

The gravel went further than I thought but I still needed to make another trip to get a few more bags. I’ve almost got the paths completed now, just a little more digging in one corner and it should be done.

On my second trip to Wickes I stopped by Homebase to pick up the plastic greenhouse.  It should be fun to erect tomorrow, although no doubt I’ll get ‘that look’ from Curstie who’ll insist I should have read the instructions 🙂

Apparently, here’s what is supposed to look like.

No doubt mine will probably be polygon shaped and lots of ‘spares’ left over 🙂


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