Clearing the veggie plot…day 3

I woke up to heavy showers this morning and a quick peek at the plot confirmed my suspicion that I wasn’t going to get much digging done today. By lunchtime the rain had stopped but the ground was still fairly claggy.

I’ve laid the slabs that I plan to site the mini greenhouse(s) on and measured the whole plot. Now It’s on to the drawing board to plan out the raised beds, paths and then off to the hardware store to pick up some wood…and eye up some power tools 🙂

Whilst using Photoshop to draw plans, I got carried away with a few photo’s taken earlier in the day. Maybe all this fresh air has had an effect 🙂

Jedi Knight ‘Hoe’-Bi Kenobi


..and Darth Rake – The Ultimate Weedkiller


More pictures to follow from day 4, although I’ve been asked not to get too dirty tomorrow because we’re having dinner with friends.

Also today my SATA-IDE convertor arrived so hopefully I’ll get chance to fit it this evening.


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