Clearing the veggie plot…day 1

The skip arrived early this morning so on with my scruffs and out to do some serious clearing. 10 mins in, the heavens opened and I got a right good soaking ! A few cups of coffee later and it brightened up a bit to continue. Thankfully the sharp shower hadn’t soaked the ground to much and was still quite workable.

Here’s a shot as it was this morning. I’ve just finished for today so I’ll post another photo showing today’s progress tomorrow morning when it’s a bit brighter.


As you can see, it’s in a right mess at present and as it’s behind the garage and out of site I usually use it as a dumping ground for garden debris and the occasional fire. It’s not a large plot but is south facing and very peaceful. I’m looking forward to this !!

It’s a little difficult to see from this angle but there’s a gradient increasing from left to right and it’s this that i’m trying to level first.

Early start tomorrow morning so for now I’m going to put my feet up and relax.


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    Stiggy said,

    Good luck Steve – I’m doing similar things at the moment, I hate digging with a passion, but luckily I have a rotorvator attachment for my KM90 combi engine!

    Gotta love them tools matey!


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