Veggie patch

I’ve booked a few days off work starting Thursday so, rain permitting, I’ve ordered yet another skip and intend to dig out/level the small plot behind the garage because we’d like to have a go at  growing our own fruit and veg this year.  Usually we’re quite content to use the patio and windowsills but I’ve always thought it’s a shame to have this unused bit of garden fill up with weeds every year.

It’s not a large plot but I’m hoping to have enough space to  include 3-4 large-ish raised beds, plenty of room for various tubs, a herb garden and, as this is our first attempt, maybe one or two of those cheap plastic greenhouse things that are always on offer in Wilkos. I don’t know how good they are compared to a proper greenhouse but again, as this is our first attempt we thought we’d start small.

When I get out there on Thursday I’ll post a few photos.


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    Ben Shephard said,

    Get some Strawberries in it. I just lay a few stems on an unused bit of my garden and they just took off. I had something like 4Kg of fruit last year off them. Not bad to say they were never even watered or anything. Let me know if you want some and I’ll sort you a few cuttings. All i did was lay them on the ground and put a stone on the stem where the roots are and they took hold and took over almost.

  2. 2

    stiggyworld said,

    Will do mate, your mums Toms were pretty damn good last year.

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