Light trails….take2

Take 2 you ask…well, I decided I wanted to try out photographing car light trails on Sunday evening after a friend of mine had posted some shots on Flickr. I packed up my gear and headed out. Unfort when I got there and started to unpack I’d realised that I’d left my tripod head at home…that’ll teach me (and it started to rain…double whammy). I had a go hand held but trying to keep it rock steady for the 30 sec exposure wasn’t producing any results…apart from some really weird light patterns.

On to today, I’d had a few bits n bobs to sort out so I’d taken the day off work and thought I’d try again this afternoon (this time double checking I’d packed everything).

This is the first time I’d used the full manual mode to setup my camera so, to be honest I wasn’t 100% sure what I was doing. After experimenting I soon learned which settings were working out o.k. For ref these were – ISO 100, F8.0, shutter speed – anything from 5 secs, when it was still light, to – 20/30 secs when totally dark.

M1 just after Jct28

M1 just after Jct28


I really like the one above, especially the red glow in the sky on the right made by the cars.



A38 near M1 Jct28

A38 near M1 Jct28

I really enjoyed this and can’t wait to try again.  Learnt a bit more about my camera and processing Raw in Photoshop.

Next time, I want to try and take some shots at street level after rain…maybe not on the M1 though 🙂

Also, I have bright green pen torch so I’m thinking about trying out some ‘light writing’ when I get chance.


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  1. 1

    Stiggy said,

    How very cool!

    There’s so many things I want to try out with my camera too – this is one of them! (one of the others is a lovely waterfall – if only we had one near us!).

    I have always loved these kind of shots – and it’s good of you to post your settings so others can have a go.


  2. 2

    site said,

    An interesting blog post there mate ! Thanks for the post .

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