The moon…take 2

Here’s my second attempt at photographing the moon. This time I had my tripod with me and setting the shutter release timer to 10 seconds helped me keep it nice and steady (compared to my first attempt – see post 13th Jan).

For future reference this was shot at f6.3, 1/60 sec at 300mm + a little adjustment in Photoshop.



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      stiggyworld said,

      Many thanks Caitra, I think is was worth standing out in the cold for a hour. I think i’ll try again maybe at half moon.

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    mawse said,

    nice pic stigg 🙂 are you settled at if so ill add your blog to my links. Ill get the snow pics posted as soon as ive got them sorted.

    take it easy

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      stiggyworld said,

      Hey big fella – Yep, think i’ll stick with WordPress from now on and maybe look at a full fat wordpress ‘host your own’ blog later on. Certainly seems better than blogger.

      I’ve linked your multiple blogs if that’s o.k?

      Take it easy mate, speak to you soon.

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