The Moon and Venus

Whilst walking to my car after work this evening I noticed the Moon and Venus in close proximity to one another so I though I’d whip off a few photos when I got home. I didn’t realise that I had ISO levels set to to auto therefore they’re very grainy shots (and i’m not going out again…brrr)

If you are interested in stargazing or just wondered ‘is that the big dipper over there’, I’d highly recommend installing this brilliant app called Stellarium –

You set your location and Stellarium will display in real time what’s in the night sky (or day if you like). You can speed up/reverse the time clock and watch the stars/planets whip by. In addition, you can pan and zoom around the night sky and disply all manner of information. I’ve been using it for a years and is a really cool tool when installed on a Laptop and taken outside with you.

Here’s a screenshot taken roughly about the same time I took the above picture


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