More garage cleanup.

There was a knock on the door quite early this morning by the man delivering the skip. As soon as i saw it i thought, oops i’ve ordered the wrong size. Instead of a midi i’d ordered the really tiny mini. I’m thinking a bit of smart packing is required if i’m going to fit in of the rubbish out of the garage.

Thankfully, with a little creative ‘whack it with a hammer’, I managed to get all of the larger items into the skip as well as quite a few bit’s n bobs lying around. The only things i couldn’t fit it were items that the skip hire company won’t take anyway i.e Oil cans, paint tins so it’s off to the recycle centre when i’m done.

After about two hours I could actually see the garage floor again (it really was that that full of junk) and now i can quite literally swing a cat. Next step, is to buy more racking from Ikea. Ideally i’d like to paint the floor and walls but i’m going to wait summer for that.

As you can see from the picture, it’s still a little messy but once i have the racking sorted i’ll have the storage space.


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