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The Moon and Venus

Whilst walking to my car after work this evening I noticed the Moon and Venus in close proximity to one another so I though I’d whip off a few photos when I got home. I didn’t realise that I had ISO levels set to to auto therefore they’re very grainy shots (and i’m not going out again…brrr)

If you are interested in stargazing or just wondered ‘is that the big dipper over there’, I’d highly recommend installing this brilliant app called Stellarium –

You set your location and Stellarium will display in real time what’s in the night sky (or day if you like). You can speed up/reverse the time clock and watch the stars/planets whip by. In addition, you can pan and zoom around the night sky and disply all manner of information. I’ve been using it for a years and is a really cool tool when installed on a Laptop and taken outside with you.

Here’s a screenshot taken roughly about the same time I took the above picture


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Tack sharp

Oops, forgot to mention – whilst hunting for all of the AV cables I found my, thought to be lost, tripod head. Just need to wait for a full moon again to try out my telephoto lens.

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Garage finds

I’m finding all manner of things in the garage that were presume lost when we first moved here. Firstly, i found an old photo album containing photo’s from a climbing/camping trip i went on when i was 16 (18 years ago…ouch). A few of the photos are looking quite rough but an afternoon with my scanner/photoshop should fix them right up. Yep, that’s a very young me attempting to climb up a waterfall…and getting very wet

Second find…or maybe 3rd, 4th, (It’s like a treasure chest in there), is my very first camcorder that i brought with my first pay check. It still works and the three tapes in the bag contain footage from various holidays & christmas from the early nineties. I’m looking forward to connecting to my PC to see what i can retrieve.

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Do i have a leak?

I’ve noticed over the past few months that the pond seems to be loosing 3-4″ of water every 1-2 weeks. I know evaporation and high wind can contribute to water loss but it seems an awful lot over a short period of time. I’m wondering if one of the tree roots has poked through the liner? Can’t see any air bubbles though.

Ooh ooh…just noticed what could be the problem. One of the filter tanks has sprung a leek. I’ll soon fix that.

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More cleanup

Yesterday i couldn’t get this far into the garage !!
Looks like winter damp is taking effect on the driveway…lots of moss. Out with the jetwash soon !

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More garage cleanup.

There was a knock on the door quite early this morning by the man delivering the skip. As soon as i saw it i thought, oops i’ve ordered the wrong size. Instead of a midi i’d ordered the really tiny mini. I’m thinking a bit of smart packing is required if i’m going to fit in of the rubbish out of the garage.

Thankfully, with a little creative ‘whack it with a hammer’, I managed to get all of the larger items into the skip as well as quite a few bit’s n bobs lying around. The only things i couldn’t fit it were items that the skip hire company won’t take anyway i.e Oil cans, paint tins so it’s off to the recycle centre when i’m done.

After about two hours I could actually see the garage floor again (it really was that that full of junk) and now i can quite literally swing a cat. Next step, is to buy more racking from Ikea. Ideally i’d like to paint the floor and walls but i’m going to wait summer for that.

As you can see from the picture, it’s still a little messy but once i have the racking sorted i’ll have the storage space.

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The Garage cleanup begins

Being a bright sunny day i decided after popping into work this morning that i’d start the garage cleanup. I’d planned on having a bonfire to gathered all the wood and stacked it behind the garage.

I managed to burn lots of skirting board off cuts from when we decorated the living room, two book cases, a hifi cabinet, lots of chipboard (which doesn’t half create some big flames) and our old kitchen work tops.

At one point i had flames up to 6ft. Curstie didn’t look amused 😦

Next step is to hire a skip next weeked and get rid of all the other junk.

Bonus find – Forgot i had a spare camera tripod in the garage !!

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