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Brrr, it’s a frosty one this morning and after a week of tech and server rooms, time to head out for a change of scenery and enjoy the crisp cold air.

Camera at the ready, a flask full of hot coffee and a great excuse to try out some of my new winter walking gear, I headed on up.

007 (Custom)


Loving what the cold air and bracing winds has done to the plateau grass.

004 (Custom)

Resting up with a cuppa and enjoying the views. The icy winds was so fierce up here I was struggling to keep my camera steady!

016 (Custom)

Couldn’t help but think that it’s all a bit Middle-Earth-esq up here this morning –  Probably helped by the fact that I ‘m walking and listening to The Lord of the Rings audio book  on my iPhone. Eek, better duck, spies of Sauron…no wait…just a few grouse 🙂

008 (Custom)

028 (Custom)

026 (Custom)

Changing audio, Eddie…

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Apple Cucumber

My Apple cucumbers are ready for picking. It’s been fun watching these grow throughout the summer. At one point I didn’t think we were going to get any but what seems like overnight I’ve suddenly have pairs of them dotted around and lurking under the leaves.

Definitely weird yet wonderful!


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Plastic bottle planters

I seen plastic bottles used as planters many many time before and some looking particularly attractive like these Toms


However, I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. How cool is this!


Will definitely be giving this one a go.

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First white cucumber sample

Thought we’d try one of these ugly buggers from the greenhouse this evening.

White cucumber


It might look a bit weird but it tastes really nice. Much more crunchier than a regular ‘cumber and not too wet n soggy in the middle.

We’ll see how we get on with the others but I think they’ve made the list to be grown again next year.


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More Finches and friends.

Had the camera nearby this time around.

That’s how we get into those tiny holes!

Who said that

Yay, the Greenfinches are back.

I did see the less colourful female around the ferns at the very bottom of the garden but struggled to get a blur free shot at that distance. Maybe next time?

Someone is quite happy to pose though.

The sparrow chick, following it’s cue from it’s older companion nearly fell into the pond whilst trying to get a drink. Sadly blurred as i prepared to race outside should it fall in 🙂

Thankfully he gave up and after he’d hopped off I topped up the water dishes nearby.

I still not sure about this one. I thought it was just a House Sparrow but I’m think it might be a juvenile Robin. Any ideas?

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Beautifully weird cucumbers

SUN…and not just a bit of yellow peeking around the the clouds when no one is looking either, but proper glorious sunshine. Instantly the tomatoes are out with shades, shorts and deck chairs to soak it all up and the odd cucumber plant I’d almost given up on does a few sit ups to the tune of ‘eye of the tiger’ – Yup, I’ve probably been out in the sunshine too long myself 🙂

Well let’s just hope it’s here to stay around for a bit longer. just in the nick of time too…summer, this year was almost cancelled.

So these cucumbers I’d almost given up? – well they’re the two funky varieties I was hoping to see the results of the most but until now they’ve pretty much sat there, slightly embarrassed whilst their regular cucumber producing brothers and sisters did so with wanton gust and quite frankly, the odd bit of unsportsmanlike showboating. Good eating though!

Apple Cucumbers


Looking like things from 50’s B-Movies – White ‘cumber’s from Mars.




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Great skies up above yesterday evening whilst I giving the lawn a trim. Nice and cool after a hot hot day.




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